McDonald's McRib is back

Bite this boneless beaut!

Bite this boneless beaut!

What, exactly, drives McRib obsessions, we're not really sure. Their elusiveness? Their boneless, bumpy, rib-simulating shape? Their "sassy" sauce?

In any case, the sandwich's fans can start rejoicing: McDonald's is offering McRib nationally until Dec. 5. According to Ad Age, it's only been rolled out nationally twice before, in 1981 and 1994 (as a tie-in to the Flintstones movie).


McDonald's has also launched a "The Legends of McRib," contest for McRib lovers to submit stories based on the McRib's legend, imaginary or otherwise, and the author of the winning submission will win--get this--a trip to Germany, the only country that serves McRib year round. (Speculations about why that's the case are welcome in the comments.)

Like Shamrock shakes, the McRib seems to draw some of its appeal from its limited availability. So after Dec. 5, the cold-hearted marketing folks at McDonald's will take the sandwich away, offering it again as only a limited-time promotion.

Relive 1989 with this McRib commercial: