Matty B's won't stay dark for long


Good news for downtown St. Paul--the former Matty B's shouldn't stay dark for long...

Foodservice News reports that Rino Baglio, former executive chef at Pazzaluna in St. Paul has partnered with the founders off American Burger Emporium restaurant in Woodbury (as well as a few other spots, including including McRudy's Pub in St. Cloud) to open a second American Burger in the former Matty B's this March.

Apparently they're planning the St. Paul spot to be more upscale--think Hubert Keller's Burger Bar in Las Vegas--in the same vein as Parasole's upcoming Burger Jones.

Apparently Baglio has been consulting for the group that owns Seven Sushi Lounge and Seven Steakhouse since leaving Pazzaluna, so we'll see if he can bring some of the nightlife glitz of those spots over to St. Paul.