Masu Sushi and Robata's Angry Gummi lets the wasabi do the talking

A cute killer

A cute killer

Angry Gummi

$8 ($6 at happy hour)

Masu Sushi and Robata

330 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis


The pachinko, sushi and noodles aside, the new Masu has a cocktail list that Hot Dish wanted to peruse. So, we snuck in early one evening and decided on the Angry Gummi.

Embrace the murk!

Embrace the murk!

[jump] A mixture of vodka, wasabi and grapefruit juice, with the promised gummi bear neatly tucked on the side, it looked harmless and small when placed in front of us. An almost opaque yellow-green, the condensation on the glass nonetheless lured in the Hot Dish, as we were aching for a nice chiller and this looked like the ticket.

The murk does not lie. While not eye-watering, it definitely has a kick. The wasabi is way forward in this play of tastes and you find yourself wishing for more citrus to wash over your tongue and the back of your throat to cut the viscosity and sting. However, we did not ask for a mellowing agent, in an effort to take a samurai stance and handle our spice. Instead, we ordered sushi to pair with it, which was delicious and did the trick. And in a further show of our machismo, we gobbled down the gummi while the sushi chefs were glancing the other way.

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