Masu Sushi and Noodle Opening in Apple Valley

Good sushi and noodles are coming to Apple Valley

Good sushi and noodles are coming to Apple Valley

A girl can work up a heck of an appetite watching the baby seals do their loop de loops and the polar bears lumbering around in their pools at the Minnesota Zoo. And now, there will be a great way to alleviate those hunger pangs way out in Apple Valley.

Masu Sushi and Noodle-- a departure from the usual "and Robata" is coming soon to Apple Valley.

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Masu has two other locations, one in northeast Minneapolis and another at the Mall of America, and they are known for their sustainable sushi and roasted meat dishes known as robata. Their soup and noodle dishes are also some of the best in the Cities (and now the 'burbs), such as the tonkatsu (pork cutlet) curry ramen, a best selling item.

The restaurant will also be more intimate, with only 80 seats, and include all of the other items Masu has been known for, including robata and sushi. Ten different noodle variations will be on the menu, including two soba, three udon, four ramen, and one yakisoba (pan-fried soba) dish.

Masu Sushi & Noodle will be located at 14638 Cedar Ave., Apple Valley, which previously housed a Mexican restaurant. The look and feel will be similar to the other Masu locations, and will include a patio.

It's opening in late summer.

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