Marvel Bar's Silverado a swank summer drink of the week

Pretty comes with a punch.

Pretty comes with a punch.



Marvel Bar

50 N. Second Ave., Minneapolis


The joint's only been open since last week and it's already hopping, so the Hot Dish thought we'd head to the North Loop pronto and order ourselves a proper summer libation under the watchful eye of Pip Hanson.

From the top

From the top

Our choice was the Silverado, a tequila concoction that sounded both quenching and unique with its variety of sour, sweet, and spicy components. Fruit juices, coconut, and horseradish join with silver tequila and a liqueur to give your taste buds something a bit unexpected.

[jump] The yellow-hued beverage was made by St. Paul's own Peder Schweigert (Hanson was serving at the other end of the bar) and came served in a stemmed cocktail glass with the tiniest of ice crystals afloat in the much-shaken drink. Lime and grapefruit juices, Green Chartreuse, and the tequila seemed unsurprising bedfellows, but when blended with a syrup that includes savory wasabi and tropical coconut flavors, the drink became much more layered.

The horseradish gave the tongue a hint of far-off crispy spice that happily reminded us that this isn't another half-assed margarita in a bar with tiki torches (thank god). The Silverado was a chill drink with sneaky taste points that never took away from its smooth sipability.

Though Marvel Bar is quite cool, perhaps after you've walked around the building trying to find the unmarked, speakeasy-style entrance of the place below the Bachelor Farmer, you'll require a chill quaff. The Silverado was born to be your wingman in that endeavor.