Marvel Bar Takes Over the Torpedo Room at Eat Street Social

Cocktails at Eat Street Social; ESS is hosting a two-day pop-up, in which Marvel Bar takes over the Torpedo Room.

Cocktails at Eat Street Social; ESS is hosting a two-day pop-up, in which Marvel Bar takes over the Torpedo Room.

What do you get when you mash up the luxe sensibilities of Marvel Bar mixologists with the somewhat zanier stylings of Nick Kosevich and the Bittercube/Torpedo Room crew?

More excuses to wear Hawaiian shirts, for starters, along with a flight of libations that go from reasonable (the Hayden's Revenge) to, well, less reasonable, like the Flaming Moe, in which a flaming half lime comes as garnish to a Rhum Niesson Aleve Sous Bois Agricole, Smith & Cross lime, Filbert orgeat, E. S. S. orange liqueur, and Bittercube Jamaican #1 & #2 Bitters. If you don't know what any of that means, think clean, clear substrate for a one-two citrus punch with a flaming reminder that you're literally playing with fire.

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The wheels really fell off when the Swedish Death Zombie arrived in a Tiki mug emblazoned with a foreboding witch doctor. The flavor was pure, good medicine in the way that keeps you from taking it down fast -- despite the curly straw encouraging us to do just that.

Gamle Ode Celebration Aquavit from Minnesota provided a wallop of spice with its infusion of caraway, juniper, and coriander. The business end of things was Plantation Overproof rum, and a hit of hibiscus grenadine helped the medicine go down, but like any good wicked brew, a third spirit must be present, and why not Absinthe? Lime, orange, spicy vinegar, and Angostura seasoned things up nicely.

If you're not afraid -- very, very afraid -- tonight is the second night of this two-day pop-up with Keith Mrotek wielding the bottles. Torpedo Room's own Marco Zappia's creations will also be on hand with the Corn Tiki (with sweet corn-infused cream), Libel & Slander (think root beer float for drunkards), and Oooh Yeah (Kool Aid for drunkards).


The Torpedo Room, which has only been re-opened for two months and focuses on "rustic Tiki cocktails," is promising ongoing pop-ups such as this one with weekly bartender takeovers through November 21.

"Come watch these three knuckleheads make us regret this," says Kosevich.

Eat Street Social 18 W. 26th St., Minneapolis 612-767-6850

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