Marvel Bar Now Serves a $200 Bowl of Punch

A selection of tinctures, tonics, and bitters at the Marvel Bar - now serving an expanded menu
A selection of tinctures, tonics, and bitters at the Marvel Bar - now serving an expanded menu
Sasha Landskov

It always seems like a bit of a wink on the part of Marvel Bar's owners to offer Cheetos as their sole snack alongside $14 cocktails. Still, the drinks are undeniably delicious and it's really hard to make a big stink about free Cheetos. In any case, frequenters and never-beens alike will be glad to know that Marvel has recently expanded its menu a bit to include more bar bites and a selection of punches made by liquid wizard Pip Hanson. 

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The Cheetos aren't going anywhere, but now guests will also be able to take down ginger-curry pickled eggs, marinated olives, and a dressed-up version of a favorite field trip snack, GORP (a.k.a "good old raisins and peanuts") spiced with cinnamon and paprika.

The main event will be punch, served either by the glass for a single drinker or in a fancy silver punch bowl sized for 6 to 10 guests. There are six different punches available for order at any given time. They range in ingredients and therefore in price point, from $50 a bowl or $5 a glass for the punch of the week, to the $200 a bowl version made with French champagne, peaches, and sweet yellow Chartreuse, according to MSP Magazine

There's a few in-between options too, and really, when you price it out it's about $20 to $33 per person -- easily close in price to one or two cocktails with tax and tip at Marvel Bar, but a whole lot more fun. If you've ever passed around the Mender of Broken Dreams, one of the big flaming bowls of booze at Psycho Suzi's, you get the appeal. Only Marvel's version is polished enough for family dinner.

Check Marvel's Facebook page for details on the punch of the week, introduced each Monday and available until it runs out. 

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