Marvel Bar Mixologist Pip Hanson Releases Album

Nobody can just have one hustle these days, can they? We already know that Marvel Bar's Pip Hanson is one of the most serious barmen in the city. He learned his craft in Tokyo from bartenders who have been doing old-timey cocktails since before that was a thing, even in Brooklyn. But a rock star too? Turns out Hanson has a musical bent that goes beyond the clink of ice cubes in a glass.

Hanson says 2007 was the most difficult year of his life. He was living in Tokyo, feeling lonely and isolated in that metropolis. Between working different jobs and internships he didn't have much time to do anything when he got home except get ready for bed.

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But for about an hour before sleep and an hour early every morning, he wrote music that would later become a record, released last weekend, which he's dubbed Mutant Love Songs. It's a psychedelic sort of electronic concept album written entirely in 5/4 time.

"I'm very proud of this music, and it symbolizes for me one of the most challenging and thrilling times I've ever experienced," Hanson says. "It's a personal, unique record, the product of a place and time, a little Valentine to Tokyo."

Hanson is printing an extremely limited-edition run: physical media only, no iTunes or Spotify. Copies of Mutant Love Songs will be available exclusively at Askov Finlayson (and soon on

Get your copy while supplies last.

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