Martin Kessman, 290-pound man, sues White Castle on behalf of pregnant women

Is there an inalienable right to slyders?

Is there an inalienable right to slyders?

What is it about White Castle that makes so many people feel access to slyders is their inalienable right?

Just a couple years ago, a wheelchair bound St. Paul woman (who happened to be a former stripper, remember?) lost a lawsuit against the Castle regarding her right to take her mobility scooter through the drive-thru after hours.

Now, a 290-pound New York man, Martin Kessman, 64, has filed a lawsuit against White Castle claiming that the the fast food chain's too-small booths violate the civil rights of obese people.


Kessman says that management of the Nanuet, N.Y. White Castle had told him they were working on enlarging booths to make them more comfortable for larger customers, but that nothing has happened in more than two years.

Kessman cites the Americans with Disabilities Act as justification for his lawsuit and says he's also concerned about the discomfort of pregnant women. He is suing for larger chairs and unspecified damages.

In the meantime, Kessman is presumably avoiding White Castle and its slyders, behavior which, ironically, will hopefully make his problem disappear.