Martha Stewart kept to herself on trip to Minneapolis

Martha Stewart came to town, but she didn't see much.

Martha Stewart came to town, but she didn't see much.

Martha Stewart didn't see much on her trip to Minneapolis last week despite tweeting for suggestions.

Stewart came to town at the behest of General Mills for a tour of its Betty Crocker kitchen and a speech to marketing folks about "the fact that she's a global brand," says GM director of marketing excellence Ami Anderson.

So did Stewart like the Twin Cities?


"I don't think she had much exposure," Anderson says, pointing out that Stewart's itinerary was packed. She arrived at the airport Tuesday, checked into her hotel, then joined General Mills folks for dinner behind closed doors at Bar La Grassa. She toured GM's offices and left town Wednesday.

Stewart tweeted Tuesday for suggestions on places to check out, "best ideas only," and read some of them to her dinnermates--but "she didn't go out afterward," says Anderson.

The tour of General Mills's Betty Crocker kitchen went well. Stewart tried a roasted beet salad, caramelized onions, and peppered bacon flatbread. She also tasted tamales with cheese and jalapeno filling, cream wafer lemon stacks, and lemon brûlée tarts.

"We didn't ask her to rate, but she seemed to like the lemon," Anderson says.

Stewart's speech was about her brand and how she's managed to keep herself relevant after all this time.

"She's not going to make Martha Stewart basketballs," Anderson says. "She's kind of focused in on where her passions are."

Did Stewart mention her time in jail?

Anderson pauses uncomfortably. "No," she answers.

Which is a shame: A speech from Martha Stewart about how to maintain your brand that doesn't mention returning to life after prison seems rather incomplete, doesn't it? But anyone curious should check out a fascinating story in New York magazine from earlier this summer, "The comeback that wasn't."

If Martha ever decides to come back to our fine city, she should check out City Pages' Best Of issue for suggestions. We'd be glad to show her around.