Market Bar-B-Que announces new location in northeast Minneapolis


Market BBQ will leave its Nicollet Avenue location for a new location on Lowry Avenue in northeast Minneapolis.

Market Bar-B-Que knew it was being evicted from its Nicollet Avenue location. 

“It’s what’s happening everywhere else in Minneapolis,” co-owner Anthony Polski told the Star Tribune earlier this year. “Tearing buildings down to make more apartments, to get more people to live downtown."

They didn't spend a lot of time bemoaning their fate. The owners, father-and-son duo Steve and Anthony Polski, quickly set their sights on a new joint somewhere in northeast Minneapolis. But they weren't releasing all the porky particulars -- until now.

The new Market Bar-B-Que location is slated to open in mid-November at 220 Lowry Ave. NE. They're taking their iconic marquee sign with them, so you won't be able to miss the new digs. They're also taking the brick barbecue pit, which is where the magic really happens anyway.

And, since they're already shaking things up, they've decided to, ahem, shake some drinks up, with a new bar program and happy hour. A private dining room/vintage arcade room will honor Market Bar-B-Que's founder, Willard Polski, who started the restaurant in 1946 as a place to host his poker games. Seems like a pretty good reason to open a restaurant if you ask us.

In the interim, you can still get your smoky meat fix at the 1414 Nicollet Ave. S. location, which stays open until September.


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