Mark Dayton is not impressed with pretzel M&Ms

DFL candidate for governor Mark Dayton has put his M&M addiction on hold during election season as he crisscrosses the state pursuing votes. Want to do the guy a solid? Throw out a suggestion for Minnesota's next state food--as governor, he'd have the power to make it happen.

1. As governor how would you keep a situation like the salmonella outbreak in Iowa from happening in Minnesota? Is something like that preventable? I will do everything in my power as governor to ensure that all food in Minnesota is safe. I will work with the Food Safety Center at the Minnesota Department of Health, the Food Safety and Defense Task Force, Minnesota's farmers, and Minnesota's food-based businesses to make absolutely certain that our inspection process is effective and that food-borne illness outbreaks do not occur in our state.

2. You're hitting up all 87 counties on your campaign. How do you maintain a healthy diet while traveling and making so many appearances? I bring my own healthy food with me on the road, like yogurt, granola, and energy bars. One of my rules is "Never go to an event hungry."

3. Campaigning means a lot of house parties. What's your favorite house party food or snack? I went to a house party this year with a "State Fair" theme--the hosts served homemade corndogs. They were almost as good as a State Fair Pronto Pup--and that's high praise!

4. Your website says your favorite food is peanut M&Ms. How often do you indulge, and what are your thoughts on the new pretzel M&Ms? They are my favorite! I also like the almond M&M's. I'm not so big on the pretzels. However, I have given up all chocolate until Election Day!

5. So far Minnesota has a state grain (wild rice), state mushroom (morel), state muffin (blueberry), and state apple (Honeycrisp). If you become governor, what would you add to the list? Well, it has to be grown or made in Minnesota, so that rules out M&Ms. Why don't we let your readers send in their suggestions?

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