Maple syrup, pies, and cider: Do your holiday shopping at the Feast! Marketplace this weekend

Calvit's Shrubs is one of the great local products you can pick up at Feast! this weekend.

Calvit's Shrubs is one of the great local products you can pick up at Feast! this weekend. Photo courtesy of Calvit's Shrubs Facebook Page

If you want to really and truly impress the foodie in your life this Christmas, do what we all ought to do anyway and keep dollars in the community.

Head to Rochester for the third annual Feast! Marketplace for tons of locally made consumable gifts, the very best kind.

Here’s what makes this event different than others of its ilk: The foods are from local makers and they are required to source at least some of their ingredients from Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Iowa. (Exceptions will be made for coffee or other products not available in the tri-state region. In those cases, it must have another unique quality to distinguish it from a mass market commodity, such as fair trade, organic, or the like.)

Organizers also deliberately chose to throw the event in a smaller Minnesota market, where the economic impact would be felt more directly. 

Think of it as your indoor winter farmers market with locally made wine, beer, and hard cider!

A few of the other hundred or so unique products on offer include bourbon-aged maple syrup (we only want bourbon-aged maple syrup henceforth), Calvit’s Shrubs (syrups or vinegar-based mixers for cocktails), K Mama’s vegan Korean sauce (made from an old family recipe), Locally Laid Eggs, Sarah’s Tipsy Pies (one of our very favorite State Fair foods), and so many other things to make your discerning foodie friends oh so happy. 

Saturday, December 3
Mayo Civic Center
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Tickets available at the door (get 2-for-1 coupons at any Rochester HyVee)