Map of most popular beers by state reveals we aren't as crafty as we think [GRAPHIC]

Guess which brew reigns supreme?

Guess which brew reigns supreme?

For all the craft beer we have brewing in our fair state, you may be surprised to find that our collective beer of choice is actually a macro brew.

A team of data collectors from AMP research firm and Blowfish, an Alka-Seltzer-like, effervescent tab touted as a hangover cure, polled over 5,000 beer drinkers from all across America regarding their beer preference, drinking frequency, and general intake to determine the most popular beers by state. 

Here are the results.

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According to the survey, Blue Moon is our No. 1 beer of choice, with Coors Light and Miller Light following right behind. This is state-wide, remember. Not everyone bellies up to the bar and asks "what's the Fulton seasonal you have on tap?" The map key also mentions that Vikings fans and Twins fans drink the least of any fans in the NFL or MLB, which seems hard to swallow, though, for that matter, so are the prices per pint inside our stadiums. 

In non-beer news, apparently our collective favorite mixed drink is the old college standby, rum and coke, and in the "could've guessed that" category our favorite shot is the Jaegerbomb.

Blue Moon was actually the most popular beer nationwide, with PA-produced Yuengling and Sam Adams Boston Lager trending on the east coast. You can look over the full list of stats for yourself here.

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