Mankato Brewery adds Organ Grinder Amber Ale


Mankato Brewery has announced the release of a new beer into its permanent rotation: Organ Grinder Amber Ale. The new amber ale, with a rich malt smell, was first released as Center Street Series #1 (as discussed with the Hot Dish here) and proved to be a success. "We've never had people calling the brewery directly asking why their favorite bar was out of their favorite beer and why we can't make more," brewery co-founder Tony Feuchtenberger explained of the decision to add the beer on a full-time basis.


The beer's name comes in reference to a street organ operator who visited the Mankato area in the early 1800s, described as an Italian man with a dressed monkey named Beppo who collected tips. The brewery's Tim Tupy found the story while researching archives at the Mankato Public Library. Mankato also sponsored an artwork contest in November for the new beer, though no winner has been announced yet.

Organ Grinder amber ale will make its debut in late December, first appearing in draught lines at bars and restaurants, with full availability in six-pack form coming early next year.