Mango Masala Situation at World Street Kitchen: Think global, sip local with this drink of the week

Indulge in a late night, sake-laced sipper to beat this heat.
Indulge in a late night, sake-laced sipper to beat this heat.

Mango Masala Situation
World Street Kitchen

It's hot. Like wet, steamy, tropical-style hot. The kind of heat that incites boys to reckless fish endangerment, and wolves to reckless boy endangerment. Before you do anything crazy, make your next stop World Street Kitchen, where the Mango Masala Situation provides a juicy antidote to the atmospheric forces that be.

Juicy, juicy mango meets garam masala, lime, and a hint of chile, so earthy and smooth you'd swear it was a fresh-pressed health club offering; just don't forget about the deceptively potent sake, hiding demurely between bold layers of flavor. Best taken after a long, sweaty day at the fair or en route home from a particularly hairy camping trip, this sweet sipper is the right drink at the right time for any heated situation.

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World Street Kitchen

2743 Lyndale Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408


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