Mango Factory: The Tour

It may be a Japanese restaurant, but there is a definite air of American exorbitance at Mango Factory, a new sushi and tea cafe in Cedar-Riverside. Portions are big, showy, and, confoundingly, there is a whole lot of deep-frying going on. We recommend any of the various desserts and most of the raw-leaning rolls, but the line of special “Zodiac rolls” that Mango Factory produces feels more closely related to jalapeño poppers than anything else. So while it may not be your best bet for the next big blowout sushi date, Mango Factory does offer a fun, twee bubble tea cafe experience with some interesting novelty sweets to share. And if you’re in search of affordable, simple rolls or a la carte sushi on the West Bank, Mango might also fit that bill. We left stuffed and paid on average only $20 per person, including tip. Just resist the urge to order most of the rolls named after astrological sign.

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