Man subsisting on wife's breast milk

Well, this is a new one. A man named Curtis has begun blogging about his attempts to eat or drink nothing but his wife's massive stash of breast milk for as long as he possibly can. Decide for yourself it you think it's legit.

The wife says she's accumulated 162 gallons of the liquid food through the course of birthing and breast-feeding three children. On the blog, she explains that donating the milk wasn't a practical option, so her 6-foot-4, 185-pound husband decided to use it as a food source, drinking 66 ounces a day to get his recommended 2,000 calories.

After three days, things seem to be going rather well. On day two, he penned:

Hunger is pretty much nonexistent and manifests itself mostly as thirst. I quench the thirst 16 ounces at a time, and that keeps me satisfied from 2 to 4 hours. I feel good, happy on a full belly, and I feel that it should go well. I may even be sad when all the milk is gone from the freezer...

Follow the blog to see how long he lasts. Will he start to tire of the liquid breast milk and turn it into ice cream or cheese?

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