Mall of America's vegan fast food joint starts slingin' plant-based patties next week

The burger so nice (to animals) you might as well get it twice.

The burger so nice (to animals) you might as well get it twice. Earth Burger

In a good ol' fashioned game of Dietary Restriction Bingo, no one has it harder than a Kosher vegan with a gluten intolerance.

Dining out? Tough enough as is. Finding something on a fast food menu? Forget it!

But that'll change for Mall of America shoppers on August 13, when the vegan fast food restaurant Earth Burger brings its Kosher certified burgers and chik-n tenders—plus gluten-free options—to Bloomington.

“We’re checking off a lot of boxes," chef and co-owner Mike Behrend recently told City Pages. "But it’s really just delicious, portable fast food.”

His pioneering plant-based burger joint sprouted in San Antonio back in 2014, where they've since opened another location along with a third in San Marcos. The Mall of America Earth Burg—which was announced at the tail end of 2017—will be the first outside the Lone Star State. 

“The demand, even on a national level, it’s really everywhere right now,” Behrend says, adding that sales have been up 25 to 30 percent across the board over the last few years. "The interest is just going crazy ... we’ve had to expand just to have more outlets for our customers.”

Earth Burger's gluten-free burger

Earth Burger's gluten-free burger Earth Burger

In addition to Beyond Burger patties and crinkle-cut fries, Earth Burger offers sloppy Joes with BBQ jackfruit and a few other meat substitute sammies (fishless fish, spicy chik-n, quinoa). There's coconut-based soft serve and brownies for dessert, and a couple of clever-er than Coke soft drinks: agave vanilla cream soda, black cherry tarragon soda, etc.

And Behrend insists that Earth Burger's veggie-packed menu won't just be a hit with the plant-based populace. “Now that those beef substitutes are coming around so that they’re as good as or better than the real thing, we really think the Beyond Burger is better than any other fast food burger on the market. Vegetarian or not.”

Come Monday, you'll be able to judge that with your very own taste buds.

Earth Burger Mall of America
392 South Boulevard, Bloomington, Level 3, South