Mall of America: new restaurant roundup

There are, on occasions, reasons to visit the Mall of America--say, to get married at the Chapel of Love or to pick up the newest plaid swooshflex at LIDS. Between the parking and the walking to your destination, inevitably you're going to be there long enough to work up an appetite. The best places we've dined at the MOA are Napa Valley Grill and Tiger Sushi, though admittedly we haven't been there in ages, so I was happy to see the Pioneer Press give us a peak at some of the mall's newest restaurants. Kathie Jenkins hit up Crave and the American Girl Bistro--check out the creepy photo: Why is Jenkins feeding her stuffed charges packets of Splenda and Sweet 'n Low?--plus the more casual R. Burger Bar (they have poutine!), Salad Fusion, Wikki Hut, and Chikwich.

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