Makers Cafe, a new concept from Dunn Bros, is now open

Now open in Edina

Now open in Edina

The new Makers Cafe, a fast casual concept from Dunn Bros. Coffee and Cafe Inc., invites you to "eat at your desk with dignity." Our crumb-filled keyboards suggest that we might not have been doing so with much dignity up until now. 

Makers Cafe will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner at its new Edina location and will focus on using mostly local ingredients. They'll also be highlighting other area artisans, or as they call them, "makers."

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The space will function as part coffee shop/workspace and part restaurant, serving Dunn Bros coffee alongside Dutch puff pancakes, egg sandwiches, and breakfast burritos in the morning; and mac and cheese plus a slew of salads, wraps, and hot sandwiches for lunch and dinner. After your meal, splurge on desserts: cheesecake, frozen yogurt sundaes, and affogato (ice cream topped with espresso). Makers Cafe will also pour a selection of craft beer and keg wines.
The restaurant's website proclaims that "we are all makers" to some degree, all creators. To celebrate that, Makers Cafe will also have a rotating case of items usually only sold online at Etsy, such as Minnesota-shaped cutting boards and other handmade items.

In the kitchen, you'll find ingredients from Autumnwood Farm dairy and wine from Small Lot MN, a distributor that specializes in small producers. 

Makers Cafe will be open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

4920 West 77th St.

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