Make It a Date: Sauced

1. Get Arty Across the street from Sauced, the Warren is a gallery/performance space that exhibits the work of neighborhood photographers, painters, and sculptors, and more. Workhouse Theater, a community theater group based in Camden often performs at the Warren. They just finished a run of ‘Night Mother by Marsha Norman and have performed everything from No Exit by Jean Paul Satre to Scenes from a Christmas Carol by Valerie Borey and Charles Dickens. Tickets are usually priced around $10. Check their website for upcoming shows.


2. Take a Stroll Walk along the wide, tree-lined, 3-mile-long parkway, Victory Memorial Drive. The boulevard was designed to recognize the lives of local men who served in World War I, with 568 elm trees planted to comemorate the soldiers from Hennepin County who gave their lives. The paved path wraps around to the north and west of Sauced and it's conducive for bike-riding, stroller-pushing, and hand-holding.

3. Dessert To-Go Walk down to 42nd and Thomas and stop in at Papa's Pizza and Pasta. Papa's recently opened a takeout deli and now serves a rotating assortment eight different kinds of Italian gelato.

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