Make it a date: Armatage Room

Make it a date: Armatage Room

So southwest Minneapolis isn't exactly a nightlife hotbed...but there's plenty of beauty to be appreciated, indoors and out, before you hit the cozy Armatage Room (pictured).

1. Ice Skate
Put on an extra pair of wool socks and lace up the skates if you wanna show off your triple salchow or your hockey stop. Armatage Park is just a few blocks south of the Armatage Room, at 57th and Penn.

2. Snowshoe or Cross-Country Ski
Tramp or glide across Lake Harriet or Minnehaha Creek--though you'll need to BYO equipment. If you need to thaw out afterword, Armatage has a killer hot chocolate on the menu.

Make it a date: Armatage Room

3. See Russian Art
One of the world's most preeminent collections of Russian art is located in a former Spanish Colonial church in south Minneapolis? Strange but true. Ray Johnson and his wife Susan have acquired what is believed to be the largest privately owned collection of Russian Realist paintings (created between the end of the Russian Civil War in 1922 and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991) outside the borders of the former Soviet Union. The Museum of Russian Art is open 'till 8 on Thursday nights and admission costs only $5.

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