Make a Minnesota-themed cocktail, win a totally free trip to Ireland

A trip for two to the Emerald Isle.

A trip for two to the Emerald Isle. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Some things that are undeniably good: unwinding from a long day with a few fingers of whiskey, all-expense-paid trips to far-flung corners of the world, and proving that you're better than other people.

2 Gingers Irish Whiskey has combined the lot with their new cocktail contest. The local liquor company is asking you to use their whiskey to concoct a cocktail recipe all your own—and the winner and a guest will be rewarded with a week-long trip to Ireland led by 2 Gingers founder Kieran Folliard (who also founded Twin Cities pubs like Kieran's and the Liffey).

The catch? Entries have to be inspired by Minnesota landmarks or history. Another catch? It's only open to MN residents, which makes your odds pretty decent—there's only 5.5 million-ish folks out there who could possibly enter. (And probably only, like, one of those million, tops, are secretly drink-developing geniuses.)

What are you gonna make? Spoonbridge and Cherry Liqueur? An F. Scott Fizzgerald? Paisley Park Punch? 

The possibilities are practically endless, and frankly we should not be giving these top-tier ideas away for free. 

Entering is as easy as taking a photo of the cocktail (or its inspiration) and posting it on the 2 Gingers site, along with the recipe and a little description of the story behind your drink.

Fine print is all available here, but the basics are as follows: The contest is only open to Minnesota residents 21-plus, and you can't have any familial connections to 2 Gingers or its affiliates. The competition is open through December 31.

...One more idea to get you started?

Judy Garnish.