Major League baseball players seeking healthier clubhouse food

Will this mean while Twins fans are tucking into Murray's steak sandwiches next season, Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau will be picking at vegetable trays and green salads with no dressing?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Major League baseballers are in for a culinary rude awakening as a result of the banishment of unhealthy foods in team clubhouses:

At baseball's just-concluded winter meetings in Indianapolis, major and minor league strength and conditioning coaches devoted 12 hours on Saturday--about half of their total meeting time--to discussing matters such as including edamame and snow peas in the postgame buffet to whether teams should order "fun size" candy bars rather than the odious regular-sized variety.

Maybe Mauer and Co. will embrace the change though. According to the article, in many cases, the players themselves have been seeking better, healthier eating options around game time.

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