Mai Village gets "Beef Backer" award

Grilled, marinated and broiled are but three ways your dinner will come prepared should you order Mai Village's Bò 7 Món, or "seven courses of beef." This kind of commitment to a single ingredient does not go unnoticed, which is why the St. Paul Vietnamese restaurant has the won the attention and admiration of the Minnesota Beef Council. The organization has bestowed the restaurant, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, with its don't-mess-with-me sounding "Beef Backer Award."

Eating mass quantities of beef among many courses apparently isn't unusual in Vietnam. According to the restaurant:

Its origin unknown, Bò 7 Món has been a favorite traditional Vietnamese food for centuries. It is believed to have its roots In the Mekong Delta, but is popular in many regions of Vietnam. Weary travelers would sit at an open-air roadside cafe to enjoy this meal, and to gaze upon a village decorated by orchids, and Beautiful Mai flowers.

Curiouser and curiouser? Here's the details on the meal, which costs just $18.95 per person:

Bò 7 Món - Seven Courses of Beef

1.GÒI BÓ Mai Village special beef salad

2. BÓ NHÚNG DẤM Beef fondu with a special vinegar sauce, slice of tenderloin cooked at your table

3. CHÁ ĐÙM Delicious meat ball mixed with mushrooms, nuts and various traditional Vietnamese spice sauces. Served with Vietnamese shrimp chips.

4. BÓ NƯỚNG MỞ CHÀI Lean ground beef mixed with spices and broiled over charcoal to perfection

5. BÓ NƯỚNG LÁ NHO Grilled beef wrapped in grape leaves

6. BÓ NƯỚNG XÁ Slices of tenderloin marinated with our special spices and onion grilled on charcoal to perfection

7. CHÁO BÓ Special beef rice soup. A rich and flavorful rice soup with beef and green onion

We're sort of dying to know who else was in the running for the award. Manny's bludgeon, surely. What other local restaurants qualify as "beef backers?"

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