Mahtomedi pickle pizza goes viral, incites debate

QC's Big Dill pizza has become a... big deal

QC's Big Dill pizza has become a... big deal instagram/

According to their website, QC Pizza in Mahtomedi is “Minnesota’s first and only Quad City-style pizza joint!” Fair enough, but that’s not what’s gotten them so much attention lately. Within the past few days, chef-owner Dennis Schneekloth’s Big Dill pizza has gone viral worldwide, thanks to YouTube videos, plus articles from FoodBeast and the Daily Mail.

In its wake, families are being torn apart and friendships are ending as the internet tries to decide if it even meets the definition of “pizza.”



The Big Dill involves homemade garlic dill sauce on a signature crust. Sliced and smoked Canadian bacon, pickles, and house-made mozzarella cheese are piled on top. Think of it like a grown-up, flattened pickle roll-up from picnics of yore; instead of ham wrapped around a cream-cheesed pickle, you get mozzarella smothering bizarrely pepperoni-esque slices of pickles and big-boy ham. 

The real Quad Cities, located on the border of Iowa and Illinois, gave this pizzeria its name, as well as the region’s unique style of crust QC calls its specialty. This crust is crispier and nuttier than one on your average pizza, thanks to generations worth of recipes calling for malt to be added to the traditional flour blend. But this malt in the crust is not what’s created such a cacophony of dissent online.

What’s really bothering people about this aesthetically pleasing, well balanced pizza are its two major ingredients (or lack thereof). The Big Dill has no traditional red sauce, and… lots of pickles. Apparently people feel even more strongly about putting pickles on pizza than they do about pineapple and “Hawiian Pizza, which was invented by a Greek-Canadian guy named Sam Panopoulos who lived to see the year of our Pizza Savior 2017. 

Though nowhere near as viral as the Big Dill, a little farther down on QC Pizza’s menu hides a pie simply called “QC Garbage.” Luckily it’s well-known that I’m actually a racoon borrowing the clothes of a food editor, and cannot wait to join the masses trekking to out to Mahtomedi—for two reasons, now. Pickles and Garbage? SOLD.

QC Pizza
3150 Century Ave. N., Mahtomedi