Maeve's Cafe in Northeast will close in December, issues a heartfelt goodbye

"I will say this: we have given it our all for many years, in one of the best communities in this country."

"I will say this: we have given it our all for many years, in one of the best communities in this country." Maeve's Cafe / Facebook

“Where to begin… I choose to begin with gratitude.”

In keeping with our impending holiday’s theme, Mary Cassidy of Maeve's Cafe informed customers of her coffee shop’s impending closure by doling out thank-yous with a heart ready to burst. 

“It seems right to leave, as a new year begins, as Solstice turns us to a new season… at a quarter of a century shared with such a beautiful community,” she continued, explaining the why now of it all.

Throughout the deeply emotional message drafted to her customers and the community she’s served since opening Maeve’s doors in 2011 (and even earlier, at Audubon Coffee for the decade prior), over and over Cassidy returned to this deep sense of gratitude for having shared so much laughter and kindness with customers and staff who became friends, even as the “reality of not seeing your kind faces every day fills [her] with deep sadness.” 

Though Cassidy never spelled out the precise catalyst for Maeve’s closure, she alluded to the issue being one of time and physical necessity rather than, say, a matter of condos encroaching (for once). 

She wrote, simply, that “After 25 years of enjoying your smiling faces, of watching you and your children and their children grow, it is time to say goodbye. My heart says, do this forever, unfortunately, my body cannot. It is tired and needs some minor repairs.”

Though it hurts to say goodbye, the space’s next form will remain familiar in some ways: “For your peace of mind, friends, I am glad to inform you all that it will be another small business that will step into this lovely space,” Cassidy assured her audience.

We’ll update as soon as that announcement is made, but until then, you have until December 22 to stop in for warmth (in liquid or emotional form) before Maeve’s closes its doors once and for all.


Maeve's Cafe
300 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis