LynLake Brewery's getting a kitchen and a whole bunch of rotating chefs

Twitter: @LynLakeBrewery

Twitter: @LynLakeBrewery

LynLake Brewery already has a good number of amenities: very-cool location (the historic former Lyndale Theater), very-cool rooftop patio, beer.

One thing it hasn't had since opening in 2014 is a kitchen. That'll change this summer; according to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, food is on the way. A lot of it, too: Rather than hiring a permanent chef to take over the solid food side, they're inviting a host of food truck operators to the brewery, where they'll serve in a semi-permanent pop-up style, two months at a time. 

"Just like we have rotating seasonal beers, we want the same thing for our cuisine," co-owner Mark Anderson told the Business Journal in an email.

Sounds like Domo Gastro will be on hand from June to July, followed by the tacos-and-sandwiches Chicks on Wheels in August and September. Sasquatch Sandwiches comes on board for two months in October, and the gourmet-sammy-serving Gastrotruck will round out the year.