Lynden's Soda Fountain in St. Paul Will Reopen as Cold Front Ice Cream

So long, Lynden's, hello Cold Front

So long, Lynden's, hello Cold Front

On an online dating site, a girl and a boy bond over their mutual love of ice cream. Eventually, they become engaged and open up an ice cream shop on Valentine's Day. Ah, love.

Who doesn't love that story? You may have also loved Lynden's, the cute as a button but ultimately ill-fated old-fashioned soda fountain in St. Paul's Hamline neighborhood. But not to fear, fiancees Steven Willis and Laurie Drake (along with their business partners Matthew Drake and Ho Kye) plan to keep the best parts of Lynden's in tact while adding some neat new stuff, too.

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For one thing, they knew that folks of a certain age (say, those born after the 1950's) and a certain regional bent (say, not from the East Coast) might not even know what the heck an egg cream is. Which is most definitely not to say they're doing away with them. In fact, they're highlighting the old fashioned beverage, including instituting some fun, bright, educational signage, in part to emphasize that of course, they've got nothing to do with eggs.

"It's traditionally chocolate syrup, milk, and charged or seltzer water. And it's great, even on a hot day," Willis reminds us.

They've tapped friend and Tilia cook Rashad Butler to assist with some handcrafted syrups, so they'll have the traditional cola, cherry, lime and orange, but also strawberry-balsamic, blood orange-beet root, and lemongrass, "which is really bright."

Cold Front is keeping the egg creams and fountain drinks.

Cold Front is keeping the egg creams and fountain drinks.

Their beloved ice creams are provided by Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream out of Madison, Wisconsin, a family owned super-premium ice cream manufacturer. "It's more cream, thick and rich with less air."

And hey, if you just can't decide on an ice cream flavor, or choose just one soda, they're going to be available in flights of three or four.

Local coffee roaster Dogwood will provide the caffeine, but here's something completely different: coffee by subscription. $40 monthly buys you all the coffee, lattes, espresso and tea you care to drink in any given month, any time of the day, completely unlimited.

"We saw a couple of places doing this in New York City but we didn't see anyone doing it here. We thought since we're right by a school that teachers and parents would enjoy a quick in and out experience, and if you do the math, you'll see that it works out."

Pastries will come from nearby P.J. Murphy's Bakery.

"We're going to stay away from sandwiches. We have limited space, and besides, we're right next door to The Nook. We can't make a better burger."

True dat.

Cold Front 490 Hamline Ave. S., St. Paul 651-330-7632

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