Lunds and Byerly's meat and seafood sale thru tomorrow

One of my favorite things is walking into Lunds when it happens to be one of their random, semi-annual 2-for-1 sales where seriously, I swear, almost everything is 2-for-1. Until tomorrow, Lunds and Byerly's are having a meat and seafood sale that competes with the buy-one-get-one-free events in terms of deals.

The best deal? Buy one get one free beef tenderloin! Also worth the trip? The $7.99/lb. shrimp, the $9.99/lb. porterhouses and T-bones, the $9.99/lb. salmon fillets and the $9.99/lb. tuna steaks, to name a few. Also, if you buy 2 1/2 pounds worth of ground beef patties, you get three pounds of chicken breasts FREE. Ok I'll stop now.