Lunch at TropicWorld


Standing at the intersection of Lake Street and 31st Ave. earlier this week, I was struck by the fact that I was hungry. Available options: McDonald's, Subway, and TropicWorld Jamaican / West African foods.

TropicWorld it was. Home was close at hand, so I picked up a box of two Caribbean Food Delights Chicken Patties ($3.50).

The patties consist of an empanada-style crust (buttery, a little crunchy, not subtle but tasty, regardless) filled with a paste of ground chicken and spices. Heated in a 400-degree oven, the effect is not unlike a Jamaican chicken pot pie, with a warm, nourishing core surrounded by pastry.

The chicken has a pronounced spicy bite that attacks halfway through each mouthful and lingers, assertively but tactfully, until well after you're through chewing. If you're in want of something with which to wash down the pattie, grab a D&G Genuine Jamaican ginger beer ($1.50); it's got enough fight to battle down the lingering chicken spice while bringing its own gingery brand of tomfoolery to the party. The two flavors are natural dancing partners. Swallow some soda, and you'll want some more pattie. Eat some pattie, and you'll want some more soda. Pretty soon you're done with both, full, and quite contented.