Lunch at Obento-ya: a photo tour

Lunch at Obento-ya: a photo tour
Sharyn Morrow

Having friends who are chefs means you have to sneak time to hang out with them during random days off, or before they go to work. On this particular day, we headed to Obento-ya for lunch with Chris Olson.


Lunch at Obento-ya: a photo tour
Kate N.G. Sommers

Chris, being a Japanese food lover, especially when it comes to noodles, ordered the daily ramen. The bite I had was delicious, the perfect combination of savory, fresh, and rich. It's on my must-order for our next visit to the restaurant.


The sushi bento was a lot of food. The sushi I had were great, and I loved the pickled daikon that comes with their bento..

Lunch at Obento-ya: a photo tour
Kate N.G. Sommers

Something I wasn't familiar with before trying out Obento-ya was Japanese creamy potato salad, which reminds me of grandma's with a twist. I had the fish combo bento with salmon, as I'm also a big fan of seaweed salad. In addition to the potato salad, my salmon was served with steamed white rice, spring greens with house dressing, and miso soup. At $13 the dish might be a little pricey for lunch on a daily basis, but would likewise be inexpensive for dinner. If you make it there before the weather turns south, ask to sit on their adorable and somewhat secretive back patio. You'll completely forget you're among the collegiate population that rules the area.

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