Lulu's Deli in St. Paul, a first look

Lulu's now open for eat in and late-night delivery to Merriam Park

Lulu's now open for eat in and late-night delivery to Merriam Park

Lulu's market has been operating for years at the corner of Selby and Fry in Merriam Park, but in the past few months it has undergone a major facelift and added a kitchen. Neighbors have watched expectantly as the gleaming interior pulled together and a counter and tables appeared, until finally the menu was put up on a chalkboard and Lulu's began to deliver food. The owners also recently extended hours, delivering until 9 p.m. now that the college students have returned. 

Now that the deli is open, how is the food?


The French fries alone are delicious enough to inspire a following. Cut fresh from russet potatoes and fried golden, they are dusted with a healthy dose of salt and crispy bits of fried mint. Served with a rose sauce on the side, they are hearty and addictive.

Another hit are the kotlets. Finely ground beef and potatoes formed into a cake and deep fried, these are a heavy, starchy, crispy hangover banishment prescription and would chase every lingering regret from your veins. They're available in a basket, with fries for $6 or as a platter with rice and a side salad for $8.

Vegetarians are in luck as well, because Lulu's serves the finest falafel available by delivery in the Highland/Merriam Park area. (Sure, it's also possibly the only one, but let's not split hairs.) Baskets are only $5--crazy cheap.

If you're in the mood for something a bit more Midwestern, the deli features two Juicy Lucys on the menu, from a cook whose last place of employment was the Blue Door Pub, just down the street. The Wisconsin cheese curd version is gooey and enormous. 

Not all items were out-of-the-park hits. The gyros sadly feature the pre-sliced meat available in the grocery store kits. Still, Lulu's is only a couple of months into this new venture.

Coming soon: a website with online ordering. 

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