Ludacris blows away Food & Wine


Shouldn't Jesse Ventura have opened a restaurant around here by now? Seems like it might be up his alley. I imagine it as like one of those grill-your-own places where there are meat lockers you walk in and choose your cut and there are paper towels instead of napkins. Or what about Prince? His restaurant would feature small dishes I bet, Asian-inspired and delicate, but with incongruously loud music blaring -- likely his own.

Well, we can dream. Meanwhile, there's Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, one of the latest celebrities to jump into the restaurant biz. The Grammy-winning rapper/actor, who grew up in Champaign, Ill., opened a Singaporean -- yep, that's like from Singapore -- in his current hometown of Atlanta. The May issue of Food & Wine Magazine drools all over the place, which not being a subscriber, I don't know whether to find surprising or not. Anyone? It just sorta seems like, I dunno, Chino Latino?

The mag says it was "blown away" by Straits Atlanta and describes the food there as "delectable," "elegant," and "spectacular." "I loved his CD "Chicken-N-Beer," the mag writes, "but assumed that he didn't care much about food beyond the fried chicken he rapped about. I was wrong: Since Straits Atlanta opened, Ludacris has turned into a foodie."

The article includes links to some of the restaurant's recipes, created by Chef Chris Yeo, who has Straits restaurants in California as well.