Lowertown plans for new bars, bakery, and restaurants

It's a Saturday morning after a successful trip to the St. Paul Farmers Market. You got your fresh flowers, snap peas, and bunches of basil, but now you've worked up an appetite and are craving a sit-down breakfast that doesn't leave grease on your spoon. Sorry, Mickey's -- not always in the mood to smell like a French fry for the rest of the day. 

Right now, there aren't many places to find that in Lowertown. Key's is a classic, of course, but you should expect a pretty long wait on weekends. There's Black Dog Cafe, which is great for coffee, but the breakfast menu is pretty limited, and the bakery at Faces at Mears Park doesn't open until 2 on Saturdays. But come fall there may be more options, not only for downtown St. Paul bakery and breakfast, but more bars and restaurants, too, reports the Pioneer Press.

The very, very preliminary discussions about the possibility of building a new St. Paul Saints stadium in Lowertown have hopeful restaurant owners and entrepreneurs submitting proposals left and right. Here's a rundown of the businesses that may be on the horizon if it all works out.

  • - Bin Wine Bar owner Rebecca Illingworth adding a rooftop restaurant to the Park Square building, and other restaurateurs are putting in bids for the space on the ground floor of that same building.
  • A D'Amico restaurant, with rooftop (see a theme?) seating and adjacent parking ramp. This building would overlook the proposed stadium site and include a wedding venue and spa.
  • A sports bar going in at the ground level of this same office building at Sixth and Wall Street. Rumor is the building owner wants to get Saint's co-owner Bill Murray on board and make the bar Caddyshack themed.
  • A new bakery and cafe on East Seventh Street from pastry chef Alicia Hinze of Cupcake.

What would you like to see more of in Lowertown if the stadium proposal goes through?

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