Lost recipes--can you help?


Anybody remember the long-defunct Napoli's Restaurant in St. Paul or the Hotel Leamington or Nicollet Hotel in Minneapolis? Better yet--did you work in their kitchens? A couple of readers are looking for their recipes for spaghetti sauce and beer-cheese soup. Leave a note in the comments if you have any leads and we'll pass the information on. Thanks!

Can anyone provide the recipe for the spaghetti sauce from the now extinct, Napoli's Restaurant on White Bear Av,St. Paul - I need a taste of Home. Commenter name: Danny

I'd also LOVE to get the recipe for spaghetti sauce from Napoli's--it was the BEST!! Am also looking for recipe for beer-cheese soup I had in the 60's (with popcorn as garnish) from one of the downtown Minneapolis hotels--the Hotel Leamington or Nicollet Hotel?? Thanks. Commenter name: Karen