Lose weight, stare at cakes!

Can iPhone apps of virtual desserts make you thinner?

Can iPhone apps of virtual desserts make you thinner?

It's mid-January, and our New Year's resolutions to lose weight and eat right are already distance memories. Don't beat yourself up too much, there's some unconventional help on the way.

According to a Utrecht University study, women can resist sweet cravings by staring at pictures of cake. Of course, we're completely on board with any study that promotes virtual cake lust. To help you make it through your work day without grabbing a Twinkie, we rounded up some delicious iPhone apps with virtual desserts that you can drool over anytime and anyplace.


Cupcakes! XL deserves the exclamation for its make, bake, and eat cupcake game. Choose from six virtual batters, six fillings, eight frostings, number and letter candles, and eight toppings. Craving a banana cupcake with peanut butter filling, chocolate caramel frosting, and peanut butter chips? You're in luck, because the 99-cent app has that.

Cupcakes not quite your thing? That's okay. Try the aptly named 99-cent app More Cookies. Select a recipe, mix ingredients, roll dough, cut dough, and on and on. An exhausting array of options (and tasks) can result in a freshly baked, zero-calorie, Nutella triple chocolate marshmallow peanut butter cookie.

Of course we saved the best, and most expensive, app for last. Let's face it, a sugar craving is won or lost in mere seconds, not the minutes it takes to virtually make and bake a treat. We want yummy pictures now! The $2.99 Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app is a well-organized compilation of her cookbook recipes. High-quality images of actual cookies guarantee instant gratification. If, after seeing all these delights, you still want a real cookie, then save the ingredients to your shopping list, use the built-in timer while baking, and email recipes to friends.

If the study's findings are true, then you should already be craving-free after reading this post. You're welcome.