Loring Kitchen & Bar's St. Basil's Martini is like drinking a very tasty lava lamp

Lava lamp or drink of the week?

Lava lamp or drink of the week?

St. Basil's Martini


Loring Kitchen & Bar

1359 Willow St., Minneapolis


This brand new drink was recently developed by bar manager Chris Brawner at the parkside restaurant that made its debut last year. As the patio seating disappears and winter looms, the time for a bit of savory flavor is upon us. Tired of all the vodka and juice? This is the next step toward winter, without fully committing to a season of hot toddies and whiskey.

Wanna know what's in this fresh, yet potent potable?


[jump] The St. Basil's Martini is a mixture of Beefeater gin and St-Germain, the French elderberry liqueur, served up with an uber-green drizzle of basil oil floated on top. While it does resemble a lava lamp, it is actually a decidedly modern combination of flowers and herbs against the stiff backbone of the gin. Make sure it's nice and chilly and that you get a blob of the basil with every sip. The herbaceous oil will never mix in, so the gin and elderberry stay clean and clear, making for a pretty pour.