Loon Liquors releases Loonshine, an organic white whiskey

Loon Liquors releases Loonshine, an organic white whiskey
Courtesy of the Loon Liquors Facebook page

The micro-distillery spirits seem to be flooding out of local stills. Coming from southern Minnesota, Northfield's Loon Liquors recently released its first product "Loonshine."

The spirit is un-aged or white whiskey that has a sort of whiskey/rum/tequila finish and works well in many different cocktails. Hot Dish spoke with owners Mark Schiller and Simeon Rossi to get their recommendations for summertime sippin'.

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Rossi's favorite Loonshine cocktail is a whiskey ginger with a bit of fresh muddled ginger. "The earthiness of our whiskey pairs really well with that pop of fresh ginger," he says. Schiller explains that the spirit is light, but plays out very fully on the palate, making it a good fit for classics like Old Fashioneds and Manhattans but also for more unexpected pairings.

"Our product is different, so it goes well with some stuff that is off the wall," he says. He recommends a cranberry cocktail or a boilermaker -- a shot dropped into a beer -- which he makes with Summit EPA.

The pair, who "stumbled into the idea of a distillery," through their love of homemade cocktails, pride themselves on local ingredients and sustainability and aim to make their facility a zero-waste operation. They are currently the only micro-distillery in southern Minnesota.

Loon Liquors will release its newest spirit, a locally sourced, organic gin called MetropoliGin, in the near future. For now, you can pick up a bottle of Loonshine at Zipps or Merwin Liquors, or you can try out a Loonshine Manhattan at either of the Republic locations.

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