Looking for a Happy Hour in Powderhorn? Everything's $4 at Tiny Diner's Happy Hours

Tiny Diner now has two happy hours a day Monday through Friday

Tiny Diner now has two happy hours a day Monday through Friday

Tiny Diner is all about doing and feeling good, what with its glistening blue solar array, locavore ethos, and tasty food and drink offerings. The place has woken up a stretch of 38th Street in the Powderhorn neighborhood whose previous claim to food fame was a Dairy Queen. So when they announced the addition of a late-night happy hour, Hot Dish decided it was time to check it out.

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Where: Tiny Diner is a few blocks east of Chicago Avenue between 10th and 11th Avenues on 38th Street in the Powderhorn neighborhood. When you see the outdoor seating and garden punctuated by the brown hut, make a quick turn into the smallish parking lot and hope that a spot is free. Worst case, you can park on any of the nearby streets. When: Monday through Friday, from 3 to 6 p.m. and now also late night from 9 to 11 p.m. What's the vibe: Of course, you'll dig it more if you're down with the whole sustainability thang, but anyone can be charmed by Tiny Diner. And until winter fully kicks in, you could still consider sitting outside. Do remember that the place is quite popular with kids and families, so don't head over to the early happy hour to tie one on. You'll have to do that after 9 p.m. and without hard alcohol. The resto serves just wine and beer -- but does include aperitifs in its lineup. What can I eat for $10 or less: One nice thing about this happy hour is how simple the pricing is -- almost everything is $4 (only the PBR tallboy and Crispin 12-ounce are $3). The food offerings include spruced-up deviled eggs, house-cured pickles, hand-cut french fries, potato roll sandwiches (2), smoked turkey liver mousse, double-dipped onion rings, and of course, the brandade tater tots (earlier extolled by Hot Dish here). Right now, fried green beans are available too, as part of the Memphis-inspired menu, but will only last until TD moves on to a new featured city.

What can I drink for $5 or less: They have basic wine, tasty drafts (think Indeed Shenanigans, Lagunitas Pale Ale, Lift Bridge Farm Girl and others), and fairly uninteresting can/bottle beers. Have a craft beer or opt for one of the wine cocktails. The Wise Honey & Sake cocktail gently warms you with honey, sage syrup, and sake, while the light, easy-drinking White Porto and Tonic can evoke your past or future trip to Portugal.

What's so good it's worth getting even though it's not a happy hour deal: The Crispy Soft Shell Crab Fried Rice cannot be resisted. It's not quite perfect, but soft-shell crab, brown rice, and chili sauce with an egg on top is still always satisfying.

Head to this Tiny Diner to get your $4 cocktail hour on. Deviled eggs, liver mousse, and an aperitif cocktail in Powderhorn? Yes, you can!

Whitefish, golden beet puree and horsey yogurt spruce up these eggs...

Whitefish, golden beet puree and horsey yogurt spruce up these eggs...

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