Look out! Falling Knife's new tallboys are heading to stores (and mouths) near you


Incomingggg! JP Awad

Craft beer fans, take note: Falling Knife Brewing Company has pulled off a feat that’s rare as hen’s teeth, and in their first year of business, no less. 

The young brewery, which opened late last year in NorthGate Brewing’s old spot in northeast Minneapolis, has started canning tallboys of their alternately radical and deeply old school brews. This is a goal that takes most breweries years (if ever) to reach. And just wait 'til we get to the whole surprise, collectible sticker thing

On their first day of canning, City Pages caught up with Dan Herman, Falling Knife’s chief revenue officer, who said they’re getting tallboys into retail stores' coolers citywide thanks, in part, to history and this timeline we’re all living through.

“So when we acquired all the assets to open Falling Knife, we inherited the canning line from the previous brewery,” explained Herman. “We've been sitting there and slowly working towards getting it functional.  But then, obviously, a lot of things were on hold in March, but then coming on the other side of that, we were able to just work on it over that time, to get it ready to go [now].”

Beginning Monday, July 27, the results of their first canning run will hit nearly 30 retail locations citywide. Looking for a good indicator of where to find the new cans? Expect these new offerings to turn up in places where you’ve already stumbled upon Falling Knife’s crowlers for sale. (Due to Minnesota's worst-in-the-nation alcohol laws, Herman reminds us that the new tallboys can not be picked up from Falling Knife – though their taproom is up and running, ready and waiting to provide other offerings.)

Herman says the plan is to make Verbal Tip -- Falling Knife’s big, hazy IPA brewed with Citra and Mosaic hops -- regularly available via can, and rotate the second offering. For that debut rotator, look for Freischütz, another one of Falling Knife’s flagship brews. Herman says the traditional northern German Pilsner is, "gonna be a little bit more dry, a little bit more bitter than, like, a southern German Pilsner.”

With each four-pack retailing for as low as $10.99, these big 'uns could become regular drinkers without breaking the bank. Or, as Herman says, “Y’know, it doesn't have to be a treat to purchase."

Speaking of treats:  “Sure, that’s all fine and dandy," we hear you mumbling, dear reader, "but what’s the deal with those stickers that were mentioned earlier?”

Patmos Design's creative director, Charles Awad, who works on design and identity with Falling Knife, also helped develop a special material that he proposed the brewery might incorporate into its packaging, to help set itself apart from the crowd… 

“All of our can labels will continue to be stickers,” says Herman, who seemed to instinctively brace for the wave of enthusiasm that followed. “Um, we're doing four different stickers in each four pack; we have four designs, and each can will have a different sticker.”

Yes, the tallboy cans Falling Knife is releasing are just like their crowlers have (subtly) always been: kind of like beer Pokemon, packed with high ABV joy.

“We'll get posts to our [social media] where somebody either didn't know, or didn’t realize, that there are stickers on there, and they just lose their mind. So that's always really fun for us to see."

Pick up a tallboy four pack of Falling Knife's Verbal Tip or Freischütz at local beer merchants beginning Monday, July 27. Don't let anyone tell you what to do with those stickers -- not even your kids.