LOOK AT IT!!! Disney / @thesheridanroom

Look, I care almost not at all about Star Wars.

I watched the movies for the first time as an adult. I've read the middling to ruthless reviews of The Rise of Skywalker. I'm unwilling to shell out for the Disney+ subscription required to watch The Mandalorian (though having access to every episode of The Simpsons sounds nice).

However! However.

I am all in on Baby Yoda. 

Is he a cynical marketing ploy? Oh for sure. And I love him. Holding a lahge iced coffee from Dunkin, clutching classic emo albums, looking like Guy Fieri—unfortunately, folks, the little Mogwai-like monster rules. Baby Yoda is all of us, or whatever.

So when our art director sent me the following Instagram post from the Sheridan Room last night, I responded with something like this: AD;SLKJFADSJ OMG

It's not just a thing the bar staff did for kicks, either: "It's a literal thing that people could order tomorrow!" Sheridan Room GM Danie Jones told City Pages when contacted by frantic DM late Thursday night. "We were just playing with it today, but we were planning on running it [Friday] as a special."

Jones says she and bartender Chris Herner had the idea for the adorable, bug-eyed drink earlier this week, and the two crafted it together.

As for what's in it... could you say it's just a classic cocktail repackaged and presented in such a way that it resonates with and generates revenue from a new audience? Much like a certain CGI sidekick who drinks tea and... squints? (Is that what he does?)

You could!

"In true Baby Yoda form it is just a pretty standard gimlet but way way cuter!" Jones says. 

There you have it. Go forth and get your Baby Yoda drink fix at the Northeast bar (337 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis) tonight. 

Disney please don't delete this blog from the internet.