Local Suds: 5 Minnesota beers to drink in May

Photos by Jerard Fagerberg

Photos by Jerard Fagerberg

Did you get tickets for next month's City Pages Beer Fest?

The beer fest is a dang institution. Twenty-seven years strong. For a paper that’s only 40 years old, that’s a strong legacy of getting a parking lot fulla locals drunk on good beer. But this year, it’s better than it’s ever been.

Not only is Hustle Rose gonna be entertaining the crowd, but ya boy—me, Zaddy Suds—will be in attendance celebrating our upcoming Beer Issue. Details about that are developing, but suffice to say: It’ll be a damn good time. So, if you want to come yell at me about my dumbass opinions or you wanna give me daps for writing the column, you can do both.

Just buy your ticket.

Inbound Conifer Crush
Double IPA, 7% ABV, 76 IBU

When your anniversary falls on April 20, you have to bring the dankness. North Loop’s Inbound BrewCo re-released their Conifer Crush double dry-hopped IPA in April, and it’s a sticky, stinky beer befitting its anniversary release date. Overloaded with Warrior and Simcoe hops, this resin monster is styled after the sappy evergreen trees its name alludes to, but also the other kinds of trees. You know, the ones you have to buy from your older brother’s friend. Be cool, it’s a good beer.

Grain Belt Southwest Cerveza
Mexican lager, 4.5% ABV, n/a IBU

Germany and Mexico are further apart than the map might indicate, but that doesn’t mean New Ulm’s August Schell Brewing isn’t down to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. This year, the Grain Belt brewer released two celebratory Mexican-style beers. One is a sangria-inspired monstrosity, but the other is a welcomed local interpretation of Modelo Negra. Southwest Cerveza is a copper-bodied Mexican lager that goes down pleasant as a summer day. The best part? It’s brewed with a hint of lime, so you don’t need to bring a fruit knife with you when you’re drinking in the park.

Finnegans Tile Factory
IPA, 7% ABV, 75 IBU

Non-profit brewery Finnegans celebrated Cinco de Mayo this weekend with a Mexican-style helles brewed in collaboration with La Doña Cerveceria, but that beer was a limited release. In Local Suds, we like to look forward, and the team at Finnegans is following their lovely lager with an all-Mosaic IPA they’re cleverly calling Tile Factory. Released in cans this week, Tile Factory is a deeply bitter West Coast IPA that brings a punch of resin to Finnegans’ fairly mild IPA portfolio. With Tile Factory, they now have that tongue-scraper for the dank chasers in their audience.

Bauhaus Cosmic Headshift
IPL, 6% ABV, 80 IBU

India Pale Lagers are too few and too far between, but leave it to style-agnostic Bauhaus to bring the hybrid to life in a fun and drinkable way. Cosmic Headshift is a limited release in the Northeast brewery’s Over the Charts Series, but it’s a sublime little beer. Aged on passionfruit puree, Cosmic Headshift hits you over the head with fresh juice and Galaxy hop peachiness. Still, the finish is cushy and clean, keeping the Bauhaus trademark intact even in this experimental brew.

Modist High Art
Hazy IPA, 6.5% ABV, n/a IBU

Modist’s new beer comes with an artistic imperative. You can peel all the labels off your four pack of High Art and piece them together into a canvas. The top three pics win a case of beer. Of course, if you’re not so creatively inclined, you still get an artistically made NE IPA brewed with a no-barley malt bill of brown rice, oats, and Minnesota wheat. You can smell High Art from across the room, coaxing you closer and closer with its intoxicating blend of Cryo Mosaic, Strata, and Idaho 7 juicy fragrance. If you want to win the free beer, tag your photo #highart by May 12. Either way, this soft, earthy NE IPA won’t be around much longer than that.

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