Local Suds: 5 Minnesota beers to drink in August

BlackStack in St. Paul + Des Moines' Lua = Pocket Tees

BlackStack in St. Paul + Des Moines' Lua = Pocket Tees Jerard Fagerberg

When the beer industry moved away from those turtle-choking soft plastic rings, it seemed like a huge boon for the environment. People were frustrated with the new PakTech holders, but at least they were recyclable. 

Well it turns out that, although PakTech holders are recyclable, chances are your local sorting facility can’t process them, so they’re getting chucked anyway. Fuck. Hope the turtles are OK!

Now, those PakTech folks are doing their best to keep this from happening, and they’ve just announced a new recycling program with partner sites all over America. Locally, Indeed, Bauhaus Brew Labs, and Able Seedhouse + Brewery have all signed on to collect your used PakTechs, and for every five you return, you’ll get a free beer.

So, after you pick up five packs of these new local beers, why don’t you take their hard plastic holders to one of those spots and get yourself a bonus? Think about the turtles, friend.

Able/Drekker's Whoaa Bundy

Able/Drekker's Whoaa Bundy Jerard Fagerberg

Able/Drekker Whoaa Bundy

IPA, 4.9% ABV, 6 IBU

Fargo’s Drekker Brewing is highly sought after for their wizardry with hazy IPAs and freak sours. Northeast’s Able Brewing + Seedhouse is more known for their dependable, drinkable European styles. Whoaa Bundy, the new collaborative beer from the stately neighbors, takes what’s best about both of those brewing traditions and jams them into a limited release fruited IPA. Powered with grapefruit, peach, and apricot and softened with a dose of spelt and wheat, Whoaa Bundy is supremely flavorful but also an easy crush. You don’t typically get this much hoppiness and juice in a 4.9% ABV, especially from Drekker. For that reason, don’t expect Whoaa Bundy to last long.

Cobra Triangle from Modist

Cobra Triangle from Modist Jerard Fagerberg

Modist Cobra Triangle

Pilsner, 4.5% ABV, n/a IBU

Modist’s press email for their latest release opens with an ominous question. “People care about wood fermented pilsners, right?” the email asks, worrying that the industry has gotten so distracted with haze that even the most curious entries in their release calendar will be overlooked. Well, Dan from Modist, people do care, and wherever there’s a tradition-bucking pilsner, they will follow. Cobra Triangle takes German pilsner malts and local Mighty Axe hops and tangles them together in an oak foeder, making for a peculiarly complex refresher. Fans of their Astronautalis beer (read: smart people) will recognize the flavor profile, but the extra earthiness of the foeder really brings Cobra Triangle to that “premium” level it sells itself on.

The Y'allarhorn IPA from Bauhaus

The Y'allarhorn IPA from Bauhaus Jerard Fagerberg

Bauhaus Y'Allarhorn 

IPA, 7% ABV, 70 IBU

Ever since starting their Over the Charts series in May, Bauhaus Brew Labs has been on a killer creative streak. After releasing an IPL and a double alt, the Northeast fun-lovers took a juicy IPA and treated it to some Kveik yeast for a unique take on the eminently popular style. Dropped in late July, Y'Allarhorn is breadier than your average NE IPA, but make no mistake, the juice is the star here. A soft and wonderful beer, the meaty 7% ABV is easily masked by the abundance of citrus hops.

Lupulin's Mango Fruitsmack IPA

Lupulin's Mango Fruitsmack IPA Jerard Fagerberg

Lupulin Mango Fruitsmack IPA

IPA, 7% ABV, 30 IBU

The Fruitsmack series from Big Lake’s Lupulin Brewing is just getting off the ground, but it’s already surpassed the debut edition. Here the Mango Fruitsmack IPA utilizes the Indian Alphonso mango, a sweet and rich variation of the traditional fruit, and pairs it with a squishy (and proprietary) blend of hops. There’s no lactose at work in this one, but you still get a nice pull of vanilla and a silky body—a nice lawn beer for the trend-hopping hophead. 


BlackStack/Lua Pocket Tees

(lead image) IPA, 7% ABV, n/a IBU

We started with a collaboration, so we’ll end with one, too. BlackStack teamed up with Des Moines’ Lua Brewing for Pocket Tees, an easygoing IPA brewed with the brand-goddamn-new hop variety Sabro. Haven’t heard of Lua? That’s because they haven’t opened yet, but Forager lead brewer Zack Dunbar is taking up brewing duties, and the BlackStack crew is sending him off right. They teamed with Dunbar to brew Pocket Tee, a pineapple-y IPA brewed with a new (yet undisclosed) strain of yeast. Pocket Tees is a fragrant current of juice that goes down easier than its 7% ABV should allow. If this is any indication of what to Lua will brew, expect gobs of citrus and an experimental mindset.

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