Local man auctioned off bottle of Obama's White House Honey Ale homebrew for $1200 [RECIPE]

Emphasis on the beer bottle is ours.
Emphasis on the beer bottle is ours.
Pete Souza | White House

Minnesotan Brad Magerkurth was lucky enough to be at Coffee Connection in Knoxville, Iowa, in August when President Obama walked in.

A traveling brewer with Artisan Beer Company in the Twin Cities, Magerkurth and Obama started talking beer, and before long, the Beer Drinker in Chief asked an aide to get a bottle of his White House home brew for Magerkurth from Ground Force One.

About a month later, Magerkurth auctioned off the beer to benefit the U of M's Amplatz Children's Hospital, presidential food blog "Obama Foodorama" announced earlier this week. Ten people paid a total of $1,200 for sips of the 12-ounce bottle, including Magerkurth and his wife, plus his boss and three co-workers.

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The White House recipe (see below) uses a pound of honey from the president's bees, but Magerkurth told "Obama Foodorama" that the beer wasn't "cloyingly sweet," as he expected. "It was hoppy and dry, really good," he said.

Before Obama talked beer with Magerkurth, no one knew the president was making his own brew; their meeting made international headlines and prompted the White House to release its Honey Ale and Honey Porter recipes.

Since his gift to Magerkurth, Obama's been spreading the hoppy, fermented love. He gave Barbara Walters three bottles and a full case to Virginia firefighters.

But Magerkurth was the first, and a White House photographer was there to capture the gifting moment. Magerkurth later told "Obama Foodorama" that the meeting was as good as it looks, describing it as "a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Here's the full image. For more, check out photos of the beer via "Obama Foodorama," the Politico photo gallery of Obama drinking, or the Star Tribune's story on Magerkurth's moment.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Pete Souza | White House

The White House released two of its beer recipes in September. Try this at home:

Local man auctioned off bottle of Obama's White House Honey Ale homebrew for $1200 [RECIPE]
via the White House blog

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