Local man attempts to eat only Chipotle burritos for a week straight

This week Jeremy Baier is facing the kind of challenge that you can never truly prepare for. It will test his strength or character, his motivation, and his digestive system. It has been dubbed the Great American Burrito Challenge: From January 24 through January 30 he will consume three Chipotle burritos each day. That's 21 total. The caloric intake promises to be astronomical; the challenge's Twitter page estimates that by the end of the week he will have consumed 23,940 calories (12,600-15,400 is the recommended weekly range for men with moderate body fat).

But he's not doing it to fill an insatiable hunger, he is doing it to raise money for the Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

Today is the second day of the Chipotle-only diet. Currently Baier is four burritos into the challenge, and has 17 more to go. When I spoke to him this morning via email he stated that the last burrito he consumed on Sunday was the hardest, and that he suspected that this will be a daily trend until his stomach stretches to accommodate the portions.

You can check out the challenge's official website--which includes daily weigh-ins--at To donate, visit To date, Baier has only raised $10, so we hope that changes soon. All proceeds benefit the Children's Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota. You can also add him on Facebook here, or follow the Twitter here.

We'll also be tweeting some status updates throughout the week, so keep an eye out on Hot Dish.