Local home cooking can now be yours with the touch of an app

Amanda Khan offers weekly supplies of stewed chicken with roti and fresh-made chai.

Amanda Khan offers weekly supplies of stewed chicken with roti and fresh-made chai.

Fans of authentic Indian curry, grandma's apple pie or home-baked bread know there are few substitutes. Restaurants provide food for the common denominator. Home cooking is special because it's cooked with the individual in mind. 

The founders of want to bring that cooking to you with a touch of an app. The idea was born after eating their grandma’s yellow cake and thinking, “There’s got to be a way to get this kind of passionate home cooking into the hands of more people.”

Here's how it works:

Home cooks who specialize in, say, waffle sandwiches, chicken tagine, or sourdough bread can register at They're vetted by the Homemade team to ensure their food is safe.  

The home cooks then create a profile, including photographs and when they’ll be cooking. Customers can arrange to order the dishes on a given day, and cook and customer make make pickup and delivery arrangements between themselves.  

Amanda Khan, who cooks Indian food, is the first person to register in the Twin Cities area, though the site is already growing in places like New York.  

Kahn only offers her fare weekly, but her stewed chicken with roti and fresh-made chai is showing increasing demand. Last week she doubled her orders. 

“I recently heard that fine dining is dying and people don’t always want restaurant food, but instead something that connects them to their own community," she says. "I think of it like the Uber or the Lyft of food.”

Khan includes stories on her profile about what makes each dish special. “Drinking chai is an Indian family’s version of water," she writes. "Whenever I felt sick or sad, my mom made us chai and I always felt better after drinking it.”

The app is also a boon for cooks hoping to get businesses off the ground, but lack startup money or commercial kitchen space.

Prices usually fall under $12 per portion. There is also a review system so users can offer feedback about their experiences.