Local Crate: A locally sourced meal delivery service

Now you can put some local into your meal delivery service

Now you can put some local into your meal delivery service

So you're not in the mood to cook dinner, huh? To stop at the supermarket after work and try to remember what was in the everloving recipe from the Bon Appetit that you meant to toss in your bag this morning but forgot, so inevitably you'll forget two of the crucial ingredients and since it calls for ghee you'll be stuck with a tub of ghee in the fridge for the rest of your life along with half a can of coconut milk, which you'll have precisely zero use for, and then the remainder of the fingerling potatoes will go to seed, too. 

While cooking certainly needn't be this much of a hassle, if you're only cooking for one or two, and if your wife doesn't like leftovers, and if you don't in fact want a quart of buttermilk festering in the back of the fridge for the next seven weeks, a meal delivery service can be appealing. 

But hey! You don't allow any ground beef into your home unless it's free range, any yam of unknown prodigy, any Mexican tomato out of season, so have you stopped to think who is packing your delivery box and what they are packing in there? 

You haven't, have you? Well, that's OK. Because you know who has? Frank Jackman and Mike Stalbaum, two former Schwan's execs who saw a niche, and said to each other: "Well, you know, if no one else is doing this — then we will!" 

"Local food is the best and freshest food you can get, so why not support that food, within 100 miles of our area, and recycle the money within that area?" 

So much like Plated or Blue Apron, Local Crate will create recipes, source, pre-portion, and label the ingredients, pack them, and deliver it all in a refrigerated box. 

Other stuff to know about Local Crate: 

  1. Recipes are created by local Minnesota chefs. (Cool!) Of 12 weekly recipes, seven will rotate, while the five monthly customer favorites will remain. 

  2. Ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible. A few local product-sourcing partners include Red Table Meat, Prairie Hollow Farm,

    and The Fish Guys. 

  3. Prices are on par with national companies of its kind, around $12-$13 per serving. Minimum order is one delivery per week, at two meals of two servings each. 

  4. The company launches on October 19 — you may preregister now and receive 50 percent off your first week of meals. 

5. Local Crate is on Kickstarter, trying to fulfill a $15,000 funding gap. You can donate here.