Local chefs say they'd take on Bobby Flay


Bobby Flay. stelladiver/Flickr

The Pi Press's Nancy Ngo does a nice job putting together a mini-clearinghouse of ten local chefs, inspired by celebuchef Bobby Flay's Food Network show "Throwdown" in which Flay surprise challenges locals to a cookoff of their particular specialty.

(Sweet pic of the Blue Door's Pat McDonough btw.)

While I would have hoped for some more fightin' words from the crew ("Flay's goin DOWN!"), it is nonetheless cool to get a quick array of tidbits from such a diverse bunch of restaurants and to hear these folks toot their horns a little bit.

Best bets for beating Bobby? Perhaps the spinach stuffed rabbit from the new American Burger Emporium or the zuppa di pesce from I Nonni.